Mount Longido Cultural and Trekking

It is the administrative seat for Longido District. Most of the inhabitants are Maasai, but there are other East African tribes as well.

Leopards area Longido Mountain Trekking — Eco / Culture - Hiking-Tour

Longido Mountain is located in Northern Tanzania 85 km from Arusha. At the base of the mountain is Longido Village and other small Maasai bomas (huts). The area is a traditional Maasai pastoral land and the mountain plays a large part in the local culture’s mystique and history. At Longido, Maasai guides can take you for walks on the slopes of the mountain and on the surrounding plains.

The landscape consists of dramatic acacia plains and mountain forests with excellent views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, and the nearby Black Mountains of Kenya. In addition to a variety of mammals such as eland, buffalo, elephants, giraffe, kudu, impala and the rare leopard, Longido is a terrific place to view birds – hornbills, trogans, barbets, sunbirds, and turacos inhabit its ecosystem.

While visiting Longido, you are guided by local Maasai guides, and on each trip fees are contributed towards a village development fund which assists the local community.

Peak: 2,629 m / 8,626 ft Temperature on top: 15-20°C
The views from the top are simply unbelievable — on clear days you can see for more than 200km and view all the mountain of Northern Tanzania (Mount Meru, Lengai and Kilimanjaro).

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