Why Sustainability?

Helps protect natural habitats and pristine environments.

Why choose to travel in a sustainable way with Niasa Tours (T) Ltd?

Niasa Tours (T) Ltd understands that many tourists nowadays are looking to travel to pristine and aesthetically locations to experience something new and beautiful. To ensure these, Niasa Tours (T) Ltd are now conducting eco-friendly safaris to the amazing regions and this motivated many individuals to preserve their natural heritage for the future as travelers are also do their part in the protection.

The Niasa Tours (T) Ltd team promotes sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and minimize impacts on the environment. It is not driven by economic gains but focuses on educating tourists on traveling. Providing accommodations restricting mass tourism in sensitive environments ensures that the natural regeneration rate of the environmental asset is not compromised and ensures the long-life of the resource.

By choosing eco-safaris with Niasa Tours (T) Ltd as one of the tourism package they offer, you are making a right decision to reduce your impact. This can be rewarding from travelers to Host community by choosing eco-travel that aim to benefit them too.

Niasa Tours (T) Ltd will take you to the authentic environment where you get opportunity to engage in various community developments, sharing cultural experiences of the local people to the communities they visit. If you are a conscious traveler who shares these values then become an eco-friend today by booking your eco-safari with Niasa Tours (T) Ltd.

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